Personal Training

Take the first step into personal training with Diane Hart, a Master Personal Trainer and Medical Fitness Subject Matter Expert. She is certified by the National Exercise Training Association (NETA) and National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which is a non-governmental agency that accredits professional certification in a variety of professions, including fitness training. Diane has been trained by the American College of Sports Medicine. You can view Diane's NETA certificate here, and read more about what being a NETA certified trainer means here.

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Diane is a motivated, responsible and professional Personal Trainer with an extensive background in fitness, nutrition and health education. She brings experience and a tailored approach to your health management. She possesses excellent communication skills, empathy and compassion, and will train to the specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

She assists her clients in a training regime to minimize injury, promote fitness and mobilize individuals to achieve all the elements of true health, a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

You will begin with a total body assessment, including height, weight, BMI and fitness testing with Futrex Body Composition Analyzer, which enables you to learn your fat to muscle ratio and hydration level utilizing state of the art near-infrared technology. A grip strength analysis will be performed, as well as a sit-and-reach flexibility assessment, push-up test, three-minute step test, postural analysis, Karvonen heart rate computation and blood pressure. An individual training program will then be designed by Diane, which you can perform either alone or with her supervision.

Let us turn our attention to the questions you need to undertake as a self-assessment of where you are in your life.

  • What is it about my body and mind that I am unhappy with that would be positively affected by being active on a regular basis?

  • What is it that I might, or do, want to change? Why?

  • Would I really like to change, even if it means giving up something I am accustomed to?

  • Do I think that I can mobilize the mental strength to significantly change a personal health-related behavior, if that is what I want or need to do?

  • What is it that I like about my body? Don't like? Would like to change?

  • What is my body self-image, truly? Does it all correspond to reality as others tell me that reality is?

  • Am I being realistic about this?

Program fees and appointment times are arranged in advance with Diane
by calling 518-456-1058 or emailing